Shopping Experience Testing

Shopping Experience Testing Service

Artagia Inc. engages with various online retail platforms such as amazon, ebay, walmart, etc. in various product categories such as Home Décor, Baby Products, Medical Products, Science and Education, Games and Apparel in Canada, USA and Europe. We conduct purchasing expeirnce 

We work with major retail distribution websites such as Amazon, Walmart and Ebay.



Company Mission

We strive to provide excellent quality products for the online marketplace. In the very competitive world of ecommerce the need for product improvement and customer reviews is enormous, we strive to fill that need.


The Job

The job is to shop online for various products. You will receive an assignment via email in which you will be given instructions of which product you need to buy that week. You will also be sent the money via paypal or email transfer for the product. Once the product arrives you will leave a review of the product, sometimes with photos and videos of the product, depending on the task.